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Chargek inc. is the result of the combined expertise of two Canadian companies one specialized in aluminum hull and the other in the military-grade Hypalon.

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Nautic & Art was founded in 2002, on the combined expertise of two brothers :  one is a renowned expert in Hypalon with more than 20 years hands-on manufacturing experience and the other has served in the military for over 10 years and has accumulated invaluable skills as a Project Manager for an American branch of a construction company.



We are extremely proud of our innovative products designed for professionals.

We develop with our Hypalon’s supplier, Pennel Flipo, a new grade of Orca’s fabric, the highest grade on the market : 1880 decitex (56 oz.). The most durable fabric proven over the long-term to last.

We are the only inflatable boat/tube manufacturer to use Hypalon fabric for the inside and outside seam tapes with an overlap of 2’’ each side of the seams giving an additional strength and rigidity to the structure. We also add a sealant  chamfer on the inside seams. This design made our boat/ tubes really airtight along with a structural integrity.

Our expert reputation as a Hypalon manufacturer is now recognized worldwide by various National Defence, Coast Guards, Law enforcement, Search and Rescue organisations and emergency aid agencies.


BULKHEAD TEST : Ensures that each air chamber is airtight, even the bulkhead. We are one of the rare manufacturers worldwide to perform this test on all of our products (it is a requirement for products used by the military).

OVERPRESSURE TEST :  This test is also required for products used by the military.

BAROMETRIC TEST :  Confirms that all of the seams on the structure are airtight at 100%.

PRESSURE-RELIEF VALVE TEST : Although our supplier offers a strong warranty, we individually test each relief valve to ensure that it will open to release excess air and close to retain air pressure at the correct level.

Nautic & Art is governed by the International quality Assurance system ISO 9001 and endeavours to meet all the objectives identified in the standards.


We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality and use all  resources available to us in order to maintain this reputation for excellence. At Nautic & Art, the final stage of production is our rigourous testing. There is only one acceptable result : 100% PASS .

Hypalon® Fabric

Canadian expert manufacturer of professional inflatable craft made of military-grade Hypalon™ with the proven skills to work with the robust features engineered into this fabric, propelling them at the position of leader in the North American industry in the production in series of Hypalon™  inflatable tubes and boats.

Military grade

Ultraviolet light resistance
The outer layer of ORCA® engineered fabrics provides exceptional resistance to Ultra Violet.


Fuel & Chemical resistance
ORCA® engineered fabrics are designed to ensure the best resistance to fuel.


Weather resistance
The materials used in the ORCA® engineered fabrics ensure  outstanding durability in extreme conditions.


Mechanical and abrasion resistance
The specific formulation of ORCA® fabrics associated with high tenacity textile guarantees remarkable mechanical properties.


High and low temperature resistance
Thanks to their high performance elastomer base. ORCA® engineered fabrics are resistant to extreme temperatures.


Fire resistance
The specific formulation of ORCA® fabrics combined with specially designed textiles ensure fire resistance and low-fume toxicity.

Hypalon Fabric
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Titan Boats is the result of over 20 years of dedication to developing the finest vessels of their type.
The Titan boats has been steadily building a solid reputation for performance combined with a commitment to exceptional quality.
Each vessel is custom built to meet the individual and specific requirements of the client.


We are expert boatbuilder and our boats are completely built in our shipyard on a limited handmade production to ensure the highest quality and performance. Our knowledge and know-how from our long expertise in welding specifically the aluminum result in a welding of an outstanding quality that is always remarked by our clients and competitors.

We apply the Girder Technology using the « I-Beam system » to build our boats, this technology is commonly used in the building of bridges and planes. It avoids the stress and the torsional straining forces usually put on the aluminum while the welding which weakened the structure.
All our boats meet and/or exceed marine construction standards. These include TP 1332 “Construction Standards for Small Vessels” and TP 9247E “Standards for the Construction and Testing of Emergency Boats” which exceed the international standard of the International Maritime Organization (SOLAS).

Stability Standards – Meet /or exceed; ISO 11812:2001(E), ISO 11592:2001, ISO 6185-3-2001(E), ISO 6185-4-2001(E), ISO 12217-1:2002(E). TP 1332(E) 2010, TP 14619(E), TP 3231(E), TP 13430, TP 11717(E).


Welding – Titan Boats is certified to the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) CSA Standard W47.2, for aluminum welding.


Welding – Titan Boats is certified to the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) CSA Standard W47.2, for aluminum welding.




  • Fiberglass is heavy and it requires more power to reach the same speed of an aluminum boat as a result it will consummate more fuelreducing the autonomy.
  • The strength of the Aluminum permits powerful outboard
  • It will resist impacts instead of the structure of fiberglass which will break in parts as showed in the pictures below of the result of an aluminum hull boat collided with a fiberglass hull boat
  • Durability: over the years the fiberglass delaminates and many small fissures will appear thus the fiber will gradually absorb more and more water then the hull will get heavier loosing speed, resistance and consuming more gaz
  • Aluminum hull requires less maintenance instead of fiberglass hull which need regular re-coating and repairs
  • Aluminium is fire resistant
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly

Aluminium Boat


Fiberglass Boat


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