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Professional Inflatable Boats

The NAV HD SERIES is a 100% Canadian handmade product.  All our boats meet and/or exceed marine construction standards. These include TP 1332 “Construction Standards for Small Vessels for non pleasure crafts”.  Our most popular models are the 14 feet, 16 feet and 19 feet. All the NAV HD (Heavy Duty) series are the ONLY boats on the market entirely made of Hypalon 1880 decitex. Every model in the NAV HD series is equipped with the “speed tubes”, a high-performance feature that give you incomparable manoeuvrability with stability while performing sharp turns at high speed. On the open ocean or even shallow water, these craft have been engineered to turn on a dime thanks in part to their generous width and the rigidity of the 1880 DTX Hypalon tubes.

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LOA :4.19 m4.87 m5.35 m5.9 m
Overall Width:1.75 m2.10 m2.15 m2.5 m
Weight143 kg170 kg188 kg253 kg
Airtight chambers on the buoyancy tubes:4555
Airtight speed tube:2222
Airtight inflatable keel:1111
Maximum number of persons:8101215
Internal Length:3.10 m3.53 m3.71 m4.2 m
Internal Beam:0.81 m1.00 m1.06 m1.2 m
Buoyancy Tube Diameter:0.43 m0.55 m0.58 m0.64 m
Maximum payload including engine and fuel:1100 kg1300 kg1800 kg2500 kg
Shaft Length:20’’20’’20’’20’’
Recommended HP:30 HP50 HP60 HP90 HP
Engine Maximum HP:40 HP60 HP75 HP120 HP

icon-hypalonWe also offer all our boats in Hypalon 1670 dtx

Speed tubes

The Speed tubes are an important part of the structural design of the NAV series inflatable boat as it brings 3 outstanding advantages :



In case of perforation of the air chamber, the Speed tubes are two additional chambers for extra buoyancy. In addition, if the perforation occurs at the aft chamber, the speed tubes will keep the transom up to permit to use the engine on the transom to bring back the people on shore.



The Speed tubes offer an extra grip on the water giving additional response to any manoeuvre.

When performing a sharp turn, in this case a right turn the water first slide on the exterior membrane of the speed tubes and then hit the interior of the speed tube which has an hooking effect instead of sliding on the water.



The additional buoyancy gives by the two additional air chambers along with the extra rigidity allow a higher payload.

speed tubes


Our craft are fully foldable and compact, easy to carry in their transport bag and quickly assembled.

Foldable and compact boat

Technical Specifications


  • Black or Military Grey in Color
  • 1880 dtx Hypalon™ buoyancy tubes
  • 1880 dtx Hypalon™ speed tubes
  • 1880 dtx Hypalon™ floor bottom
  • 1880 dtx Hypalon™ inflatable keel


  • Buoyancy tube intercommunication valves (3 &4) and Inflation valves Halkey Roberts (4 & 5)
  • Keel inflation valve (1)
  • Speed tubes inflation valves (2)


  • Heavy Duty Rubstrake all around
  • One additional layer of Hypalon under the keel
  • Flat rubbing strake under the keel from bow to transom
  • Flat rubbing strake under the speed tubes
  • 2 Step pads in Black 1670 dtx Hypalon™
  • All Hardware in Stainless Steel
  • Transom large ovoid attachment reinforced with 3 layers of Hypalon


Removable anodized aluminium T6063 (thickness: 2mm) floor (3 sections)
Bow thrustboard (1)  |  Bow floorboard (2)
Heavy duty Stringers in aluminum profile (2)


Stringers of the floor 3 times stronger with special internal design


The aluminum slats of the NAV’s floorboard are made of aluminum 6063T and they are 2 mm thick which is almost the double of standard aluminum slat of other floorboard giving the NAV’s floor additional rigidity and durability.


A reinforcement bar is inserted in the aluminum slat at the transom and also in the slat where the lifting pad-eyes are bolt-in.


  • Exterior lifeline all around
  • Bow handle in stainless steel


  • Two (2) bow lifting rings, stainless steel folding pad eyes on thrust boards
  • Two aft lifting points (U-Bolts) on the transom (interior) in Stainless steel
  • Two (2) tie down eyes (U-bolt) in Stainless Steel on the exterior of the transom
  • Two (2) large towing D-Rings on the tube at the bow

Accessories included with each unit

  • Foot pump with hose and adaptor
  • Repair Kit
  • Manometer (pressure gauge)
  • 2 paddles (aluminum with black plastic blades)
  • Boat’s Carry Bags (2) (one for the boat and one for the floorboards)


  • Transom in marine plywood (double or triple layers) covered with Hypalon
  • Transom attachment of multiple layers of Hypalon (ovoid form) both horizontal and vertical on each side on the buoyancy tube
  • Stainless steel engine mounting plate
  • Transom bottom stainless steel protection shoe
  • Drain plugs (2)
  • 2 self-bailers with large flow scuppers (style “Elephant trunk”)
  • Splash guards on transom and tube each side (triangle form)


Ultra thick transom made of 3 layers of Marine Plywood covered with Hypalon and extra resistant ovoid attachment to the transom of multi-layers of Hypalon both vertical and horizontal



This is our model for the rapid deployment by helicopter, submarine and C-130, the NAV HD-FIS-RUP is equipped with our patented Fast Inflation System and an aluminium roll-up floor covered with high density Cordura envelope.

To inflate the NAV HD-FIS-ROLL-UP FLOOR with a scuba bottle, you only have to screw the Din connector of its Fast Inflation system into the scuba bottle, make sure the keel deflation point is closed and open the scuba bottle, It takes 60 seconds to inflate all the 8 different chambers of the boat and no other manual action is required.

This quick and simple inflation is possible due to our special Intercommunication valves system, patent no.: CA2541885 & no.: US 732 2309.

In top of that, our Fast Inflation System is the only one on the market right now to inflate the 5 main chambers to 3 PSI and the keel and speed tubes to 8 PSI. As all the chambers are properly inflate to the right pressure, it gives the boat the same high performance in speed and manoeuvrability. At the opposite of a speed tube inflate to 3 PSI only which will give resistance in the water.

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